Gina Caputo

Yogini on the Loose! Gina is a punk-rock loving yoga instructor who holds trainings and classes in various studios in the Colorado area, but she also teaches in fun settings like festivals, concerts and outdoor workshops around the country. When we met Gina, her logo exemplified her love for Colorado and the mountains, but not her unique mission as a teacher and an ambassador of yoga.

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Gina doesn't fit into the box of a typical yoga instructor. She loves punk rock and wears a lot of black. She teaches her students not just poses, but how to use the principles of yoga to see the world and themselves in a deeper way. Gina's biggest mission as a teacher is to make her students feel seen.

Instead of opting for a commonly used symbol in the yoga industry, such as a lotus flower or chakra, we created a logo that emphasizes what Gina feels is most important about yoga. It was important to us that this could still be recognized as a symbol for yoga, so we also gained inspiration from the concept of the third eye. We used the same tone and line quality to create a system of icons for Gina to use on her website, email newsletters, and social media channels.

Having a logo and color palette that diverges from the more common visual language of the yoga industry does more than set Gina apart. It also allows her to appeal to people who may not identify as stereotypical yogis. People who aren't super earthy-crunchy, whimsical or physically flexible, but who would still enjoy and benefit from the principles of yoga.

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