Yoga With Adriene: FWFG

We helped the YWA team roll out their new membership site and app: Find What Feels Good. Adriene has literally hundreds of free yoga videos on Youtube, but wanted a space where more dedicated practitioners could go to get premium content such as courses, behind the scenes videos, and more. We were brought on board to organize the content and design all of the assets for this new platform.


membership site design

mobile app design

video organization

various asset designs

Since Yoga With Adriene is about to undergo a visual rebrand with us, the goal of this launch was to keep things simple. We used a lot of their existing marks, such as the FWFG logo and Bejni illustration, and worked to elevate the look and feel with understated colors and textures. Designing during a transitional time like this is a challenge, but we had fun with it and we're excited to see how we're able to transform the design as the rebranding process takes shape.

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