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For this particular case study, we want to take you through all three concepts we came up with for the client. To set the stage, our client was moving from her position as a VP of Marketing for a large event company into her own marketing business. 'Story' is both her last name and a word that connects strongly with what she does – creating memorable stories through brand events so that the clients she works with leave a powerful mark on their customers.


This doesn't happen often, but this particular client already knew she wanted to stick with a black and white color palette. Because her role as a marketing wizard is to help other brands highlight their value and message, we agreed that keeping things simple and neutral was a great way to go. We did however convince her to adopt an accent color for important call-outs, etc. Also below are some tone words we came up with before diving into anything visual.


brand identity

business cards

We'll start with our personal favorite. This logo is a fresh spin on something very traditional. It’s inspired by a gothic wood-type font from the late 1800s. When I think of stories, the most impactful ones began long before I was born – stories passed down in my family. The best brand stories are just as deeply rooted and memorable. Even young brands can create memorable experiences that propel them forward through word of mouth.

The second concept was based on the idea of creating a symbol that could be recognized as several different things. I kept thinking about when the client said “I want my clients to feel like anything is possible because they just hired the best in the business.” That reminded me of phrases like “sky’s the limit,” which is cheesy in itself. But I knew I could capture that feeling with a symbol that makes “Story.” appear to be up in the clouds. Logos with double meanings are always intriguing to people. So I love how this symbol could also be interpreted as a story book. 

And lastly, the concept our client ultimately chose! This is the most simple concept and it invites her clients to picture their own brands at the forefront of what she offers. Instead of making a statement with her own branding, she's actually putting the work she does for her clients in the spotlight. Both conceptually (with the line in front of Story.) and literally (with the simplicity of design on her website and social media platforms).

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