Shy Tea

Chai tea leaves have a natural beauty that we usually can't see, since they shouldn't be exposed to light for long periods of time. We wanted to design a conceptual tea packaging design that would showcase the beautiful tea leaf blends, while still keeping them fresh.



brand identity

package design

product photography

This case study we did is a great example of the common design rule, "Form Follows Function." It was the challenging function itself that forced the form to be unique and different. After lots of sketching and building, we came up with a bottle and display case design that would work together to keep the tea leaves safe.

We used opaque color for the top portion of the bottle that sticks out of the display container. And with lots of trial and error, we figured out how to laser cut the sides of the wooden container to bend around the bottles. This way no light would be able to sneak in the corners.

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