Why YOU Should Be Involved in Crafting Your Brand

In this article I want to help you understand the importance of personal connection when it comes to your brand.

But first, a (trick) question:

Where does your branding show up in your business?

Okay, it’s kind of obvious. The answer is everywhere! Your brand personality should inform every single touch-point between you and your audience. Which means it’s important for YOU have an understanding of how to stay “on-brand” every time you craft one of these interactions.

If you don’t know what I mean by touch-points, here are some examples. (These may not all apply to your business, but many of them will.)

  • Ads & promotions

  • Blog posts & other content marketing

  • Social media

  • SEO keywords

  • Website

  • Email marketing

  • Email correspondence

  • Checkout

  • Thank you page

  • Invoicing

  • Physical packaging & delivery

  • Customer service

  • Videos

  • Member portals

  • & More

You might be thinking, “How the heck would I apply my branding to something like SEO keywords?” To answer that question, we first have to bust a common branding myth:

The idea that branding = logo. - wrong!

Yes, your logo is important. But it’s only a small piece of the unique puzzle that is your brand. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in your market in order to attract and retain loyal customers. So it goes far beyond the logo.

Below are some examples of “tools” (besides a logo) that you can use within your branding to communicate clearly and consistently to your audience.

  • Look and feel

  • Emotion

  • Typography

  • Colors

  • Voice, language

  • Ease of use

  • Values

  • Interaction

  • Thoughtfulness

  • Personality

  • Message

So, going back to a touchpoint like SEO keywords: You wouldn’t brand this interaction with your logo, but you would implement your branding using one of the other tools: voice & language. You would use words that your unique audience would search for and resonate with. Make sense?

Unless you plan to hire a brand manager who will be responsible for keeping all of your touch-points consistent in all of those ways listed above, you’re going to want to be involved with your branding enough to understand how to do that yourself.

And don’t worry - It’s not as hard as it sounds! Especially if you start by building a brand that is authentic to your personality, your goals, and your values.

Relatable brands are built on relatable humans.

In fact the most important ingredient in your brand is emotion, which is inherently a human trait. 95% of buying decisions are made based on emotion… 95!!!! We see people miss this opportunity time and time again: A small business owner hires a designer to do their logo and style-guide. It looks amazing, but it ends up feeling completely disconnected because it’s just a “pretty face.” There is no emotion behind the branding and therefore it falls flat, blending in with all of the other inauthentic brands in the industry.

Contrast that with someone who took the time to define her own values, personality and goals as well as the values, personality and goals of her audience, and let that relationship drive her branding. This scenario is bound to lead to more engagement and success, regardless of how fancy her logo is.

Sidenote: If you plan to hire and build your team as your business grows, understanding your branding inside and out becomes even more important. The more involved you are with your branding, the easier it will be to delegate and trust that the integrity of your brand is maintained as you grow.

Let’s wrap this thing up.

More involvement in the crafting your brand will undoubtedly lead to a stronger connection between your business and your audience. So don’t just hand over the job to a designer, slap your new logo on your site and socials and move on. Take some time to define your brand values and personality, and decide how they will inform each touchpoint of your business. This will help you create a solid, authentic brand that will serve as a strong base for growth and success.


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