Brand Your Email Signature to Boost Credibility - Step by Step Guide

It’s amazing what a little branding can do to kick your email correspondence up a notch! Using these easy steps, you’ll be able to add visual interest and build more trust with your email communication.

Note: This guide is specifically for Gmail users who already have a logo.

Get your logo ready.

1. Find your logo file, have it on-hand, and go to

2. Drag your logo into the canvas

3. Click the resize button

4. Make sure “keep aspect ratio” is checked and resize so that the smaller side (height or width*) is 150px (So for example, if you have a really wide logo, the height should be 150px and the correct width will follow.)

*Fun fact - dimensions are always displayed as 'width x height'

5. Then go under file and select ‘Save as PNG’ - That png file will save into your downloads, so go ahead and save it somewhere you’ll remember to make your life easier.

Insert your logo file into your email signature.

6. Next, log into your Gmail and go into Settings

7. Scroll down to the Signature section and click on the photo icon to insert an image.

8. Then drag and drop the PNG file you just created into the window.

9. If it feels too big, click on the image inside the signature and select “small.” (I usually do this just because I don’t like the logo to overpower the entire email. If you STILL feel it’s too big, you can always go back into the photo resizer in steps 1-5 and save it as 100px or even 75px. 150px is just the recommended standard size for email signatures.

Add & design the text.

10. Let’s start with your name: Type your name just below the logo, however you want it to appear in each email you send. I’d recommend making it bold and making it one of your darkest brand colors. (For me, that’s simply black, but for you maybe it’s a navy blue, forest green, or dark grey.)

11. Then add in your title, company name and website URL below. I’d recommend only having your name bold, and everything else in ‘regular.’ However, I did decide to put my 2nd line in italics for some contrast.

12. As for your website URL, don’t forget to link it so people can click right to your website from an email. Do this by highlighting the URL and clicking on the link icon. It will automatically turn purple or blue when you do this. To keep it in line with your brand, let’s change that. Choose an accent color* present in your branding and use that for the color of your URL.

* If your accent color isn’t dark enough to be readable, don’t be afraid to make it a little darker. Readability is very important. (Also, keep it underlined to show that it’s clickable.)

13. And the last step is to scroll all the way down, save your changes, and then compose a new email and see how it looks!!

If you liked this simple guide, feel free to share it with someone who you think would find it helpful!


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