Embodie Athletics

Embodie Athletics is running apparel designed for women with athletic stress incontinence. They’re developing a pair of running leggings that absorb the leak to make an active lifestyle possible and comfortable for these women.


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When we first talked with the founder, Kim, she told us her goal was for women to feel empowered, ageless, confident, unburdened, and fearless. She is super inspired by desert landscapes - the colors, the cacti, the sand all make her feel those feelings herself. She even showed us a children’s book about the desert that she’s loved since she was a kid. 

Cactus Hotel | Written by Brenda Z. Guiberson | Illustrated by Megan Lloyd

We love when our clients have ideas and passions that they want to bring into their branding. But at first we didn’t know how all this would tie into a brand identity for athletic clothing. Then it hit us — the desert is DRY. Cacti HOLD IN WATER! What better symbol for this specialized line of athletic clothes?

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