Commune is a course platform for personal and societal well-being. The Commune team partners with some of the world's leading teachers across mindfulness, health, sustainability, and civic engagement to create and host video courses for their members. The problem was, their old website didn't capture the unique, personable tone that is present in all of their video courses.



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The Commune team still liked their existing brand identity system, but felt it could use a little updating to give it a more modern, less "beige & boring" energy. We helped breathe new life into the old branding with line elements that mirrored the logo, photographic elements that featured the real humans of Commune, and more modern color choices. Next it was time to evaluate how potential members move through the site, and design an interface that simplifies that experience and highlights the value of the courses and membership.

We came to realize that the most compelling asset Commune has is the amazing teachers they partner with. You may recognize some of these faces (Deepak Chopra, Adrienne Mishler, Dr. Mark Hyman, and Marianne Williamson). Part of designing Commune's new website was highlighting these individual teachers and what they bring to the table, while integrating them into the whole look and feel we cultivated for Commune.

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